Core Values

Spiritual Growth

We believe that the scriptures instruct us to grow toward Christlike maturity. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we strive to follow Jesus in all that we do. Each of us is expected and encouraged to make a personal commitment to bible study, prayer, worship and service to others in the name of Christ.


We believe that the Christian faith is meant to be lived out in communities. We also know that wholeness is experienced by Christians who are part of a community. It is very difficult to grow with God in isolation. We are excited to see that God is in the process of creating new communities within First Christian Church, where we strive to be sure everyone has a spiritual home.


We have a long history of service in the name of Christ. We continue to offer opportunities for service through our yearly mission trips, feeding the hungry, our Hands of Faith ministry and participation in Stephen Ministry. We also support many local ministries. We are each called and expected to have ministry outside our church walls.