Welcome to Our Future

A Vision Response Capital Campaign

You can still participate!

Though our initial pledge collection period ended 10/1/23, you may make a prayer or financial commitment at any time!

Interior View

This is a rendering of the inside of the new north entrance. Don't get hung up on the furniture - it's just to show how spacious it is!

View from the Northeast

This is a rendering of the entrance from Limit.

View from the Northwest

Floor Plan

Why a New North Entrance/Addition?

It creates a more obvious main entrance to our church that says
"Enter Here and Welcome!"
An open social gathering space is perfect for visiting with old friends and meeting new ones. It is also plenty of space for gatherings or meetings throughout the week.
The existing foyer will become an overflow area for the sanctuary in times of high attendance (Holidays, weddings, etc.)
The prayer chapel will have an interior entrance for improved security and accessibility.
Improved handicapped accessibility; improved loading and unloading in bad weather.
Airlock door design improves outside weather control.

Make A Commitment

Do you have questions?

If you'd like to schedule a private meeting with representatives of the Capital Campaign Team, please contact Christy Goodman or Sterling Green.

Capital Campaign Team

Adam Tilley
Betty Blackwell
Carla Curry
Cathy Clements
Chad McMullin
Chris Squires
Christy Goodman
David Lake
David Parkhurst
Gary Fleming
Lisa Braverman
Nancy Bouse
Ryan Wiedeman
Sterling Green
Tara Thompson